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Rachel McMillan Nursery School and Childrens Centre

Rachel McMillan Nursery School
and Children's Centre


The staff at Rachel McMillan are committed to working in partnership with mums, dads and carers to ensure the wellbeing of your child.

The welfare of your child is our first priority and we will do our best to ensure they feel safe and secure.

Like all schools we have a legal obligation to monitor and report any:

  • Unexplained or non-accidental injuries
  • Serious concerns about a child’s emotional or physical wellbeing

You are accepting this legal obligation when your child starts in the school.

We value our partnership with families and recognise the importance of honest and open communication. In the majority of cases, if we had any concerns we would discuss them with you. It is extremely rare that a concern would not be discussed with you and would most likely occur in a crisis situation, if it was in the best interests of your child’s safety.


The staff recognise the diverse circumstances and experiences of the families in our community and are very sensitive and thoughtful about any information that you share. They cannot and won't keep information confidential if it concerns the safety or welfare of children or the adults that look after those children, if they believe they are at risk of harm. In this case they would pass on information to the school’s

Designated Safeguarding Officers.

Rachel Hogarth-Smith | Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Officer

Siobhan Pennington | Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer